Motorhome and campervan brands scoop German Design Awards

Motorhome, campervan, and RV brands including Alphavan, Eriba, Hymer, Niesmann + Bischoff, and Supersonic are celebrating after picking up various prizes in the prestigious German Design Award for 2023. The awards are held each year and celebrate the very best in innovative and creative design from German companies in a wide range of categories – an international panel of experts selects products based on design, technical performance, ergonomics, longevity, and sustainability.

Alphavan 4x4 – GOLD Excellent Product Design Passenger Vehicles

Alphavan continues in its mission to try and change the game with high-end campervans with this latest 4x4 version in its range. Boasting a lightweight construction, the van attempts to improve its emissions and also set a new benchmark for payloads. It also features smart digital features such as unrivalled connectivity even when off-grid.

What the jury said:

The true feeling of freedom can only be had off-road. And the all-terrain Alphavan 4x4 is optimally designed for this. At the same time, the camper impresses with its lightweight design and reduced weight that means fewer emissions and allows for a higher payload. In terms of intelligent and efficient equipment and the modern smart-home concept, the van leaves nothing to be desired (camping-wise). It’s an impressive and versatile campervan concept both inside and out and down to the last detail that, with its strikingly progressive design language, perfectly reflects the demand for modern, outdoor, four-wheel fun.

Eriba New Touring Generation – WINNER Excellent Product Design Passenger Vehicles

The new Eriba touring is a classic remade and now features a unique blend of stylish looks that envoke a feeling of nostalgia combined with a more aerodynamic design, better road handling characteristics, improved safety, and lower fuel consumption.

What the jury said:

The new Eriba Touring generation impresses both inside and out with many lovely and sensible details that makes contemporary camping a pleasure, all while retaining its popular and proven design language with striking streamlined aesthetics.

Hymer Venture S – WINNER Excellent Product Design Passenger Vehicles

The Hymer Venture S has been impressing crowds at caravan shows around Europe this year thanks to unique features such as its real glass infinity screen that offers 180-degree panoramic views, a pneumatic pop-top roof with integrated stairway, and furnishings you would expect to find in a luxury hotel.

What the jury said:

The Venture S from Hymer employs modern off-road aesthetics to embody the attitude of boundless freedom and adventure with an uncompromising contemporary standard of comfort and technology.  

Niesmann + Bischoff new Flair – WINNER Excellent Product Design Passenger Vehicles

With the new Flair, Niesmann + Bischoff aimed to set new standards in the liner motorhome class, and most people who’ve seen it will likely agree. With a new-look exterior, timeless interior, and an all-round generous feeling of space, this is a luxury motorhome that leaves noting to chance. It even has a walk-in wellness shower and premium wood used throughout.

What the jury said:

The new Flair motorhome concept from NIESMANN+BISCHOFF leaves nothing to be desired in terms of living comfort and design, coming closer than ever to the idea of a house on wheels.

Adria Supersonic WINNER Excellent Product Design Passenger Vehicles

Inspired by the latest yacht, home and automotive design, the new Supersonic claims to be driven by design, for those with a passion for sophisticated refinement and capability. Supersonic paired the best of its luxury design with a similarly luxury base vehicle brand in Mercedes-Benz.

What the jury said:

Supersonic combines well thought-out, timeless, luxurious design with performance and innovation, promising an exclusive driving and living experience at the highest level of design and technology.