A new focus on the future at Carthago

The name Carthago is not unfamiliar to most in the caravan and RV industry. The German group, which produces premium Class A and coachbuilt motorhomes as well as campervans under its brands Carthago and Malibu, has been in the business for more than 40 years. But even when you have that much experience, to be a success in the future you must always keep a finger on the pulse, stay adaptable, and be ready to change to meet the challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

That is very much the vibe within the Carthago Group at this moment. The company has taken time to self-analyse and is now ready to push forward into what it believes will be a bright future despite some of the difficulties still facing manufacturers. Carthago and Malibu are approaching these subjects with a new level of transparency for end customers – it recently revealed a YouTube video that allows people to see behind-the-scenes in the production facility and see how the challenges are being tackled by staff.

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It’s a refreshing openness that can only set the company on firm footing with its customers and potential customers in the future. In the video, Bernd Wuschack, the company’s managing director of sales, marketing, and customer service, explains: “In our manufacturing operations, we are still dealing with the effects of the supply bottlenecks from the last two years. The good news, however, is that we can at least assume with a certain degree of confidence that supplies will stabilise from the second half of 2023.

“During the European autumn shows held at the end of 2022, we experienced that interest in our motorhomes and vans and in the associated holiday form of caravanning remains as high as ever, even if delivery times, which cannot be precisely predicted, and the increased prices [which are largely out of the control of motorhome makers and coming from base vehicles] have triggered a momentary reluctancy to buy. We will continue to focus our attention on these two points over the next year.”


Part of any plan for a brighter future is investing the talent of the future. With that in mind, Carthago has recently given the employment and job exchange section of its company a complete rebrand, placing as much emphasis on getting the marketing right for this as it does for selling its products. After all, if you can’t sell your company as a great place to work how can you expect to encourage the best people to join your team?

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