SumoSprings: the indestructible RV upgrade

We all test our products before they are released. Often it is a legal requirement, but it’s also very important for the integrity of your brand and company. You have to ensure that your products will perform for their intended target market, and perhaps even over-perform, depending on your standards. Overperforming is something that innovative suspension provider SuperSprings International (SSI) prides itself on. Not only are its products made in the USA by a team of highly skilled experts, but they have tested them to the extreme. Heard that before? Sure, you have, but we’re not sure you will have seen anything like the SuperSprings International torture test. To make sure that the company’s Sumo Springs could offer unrivalled shock absorption, dampening, reduction of sag, body roll and sway drive after drive, they set about creating a test that subjected them to things you would never wish on your worst enemy.

Shake, rattle and roll

So, where do you start when you are essentially trying to destroy one of your products? It turned out that a drill was a good place, according to SSI. They used a power drill to drill holes right through a set of SumoSprings over and over again. Not content with that, they then decided to drive some screws and a screwdriver through them to result in some serious punctures. The micro-cellular polyurethane they are made from is incredibly tough stuff, but it can still be stabbed and drilled. Now with a thirst for destruction, the SSI went at the SumoSprings with a hunting knife and made a series of further cuts and punctures. After that, it was time for some water damage – the springs were thrown into a lake time and time again to ensure they had been given the full flooded treatment. So far, so destructive. On the drive back from the lake, the SumoSprings were tied to the back of the truck and literally dragged along the highway and several gravel roads.

If the SumoSprings were a real-life torture victim, their secrets would be spilling out of them by now, but this prisoner was staying tight-lipped. Time to bring out the big guns. And by big gun, we mean flamethrower. That’s right, Mr. SumoSprings’ next treatment was to be licked by 3,000ºF flames. Despite catching fire and a little cosmetic damage to the finish and colour, the springs were still standing tall. This made the SSI team angry, so in retaliation, they crushed the springs under the full weight of the truck by driving over them. Despite having several tonnes of truck parked on its face, the SumoSprings seemed to taunt: “That all you got?”. It was time to get serious...