Cellular signal booster expert doubles down on RV market

Cellular signal booster expert Wilson Electronics has launched a new product specifically for the growing RV market that it claims is one of the most powerful of its kind. The new weBoost Destination RV is a powerful, consumer-friendly cell signal booster designed to provide solid cellular connectivity in stationary touring and destination RVs and caravans. The American product is compatible with all the country’s major wireless carriers and allows users to enjoy optimal call quality, fewer deadzones, uninterrupted texts and faster data streaming. 

Wilson Electronics CEO Bruce Lancaster said: “As the pandemic continues, more and more people are turning to RVs as a safe, responsible way to travel and get beyond their homes’ four walls. The Destination RV is the obvious choice for anyone that’s looking to ensure strong cell signal on any cellular-connected device, no matter where ‘home’ is that month.”

Part of Wilson Electronics’ decision to launch this product is based on the growing and changing demographic of RV users in the United States over the last year. A recent study by the Kampgrounds of America revealed that more young families are taking up the hobby (82 per cent of first-time campers in 2020 had children in their household) and these younger people demand to remain connected even in the wildest of places.

The Destination RV combines the mobility of an RV cell signal booster kit with the power of a residential cell signal booster. Utilizing the weBoost Home MultiRoom’s powerful amplifier and external antenna to provide a max gain of 65 dB, the Destination RV can reach far away cell towers with ease. The weBoost Destination RV is also optimized for the continued rollout of 5G and prepared to boost cell signal for all major carriers for the next decade and beyond.