SuperSprings International adds suspension solution for lifted trucks

Suspension expert SuperSprings International (SSI) has engineered a brand-new version of its Rebel SumoSprings kit that will allow owners of lifted trucks to fit them and enjoy their numerous benefits. Once installed, the usual Rebel is attached top and bottom using male and female pieces, but the new Rebel SumoSprings Spacer Kit now allows owners of lifted trucks the same access to this product regardless of the type of lift they’ve added. Available in both 4-inch and 6-inch options, the Spacer Kit is just one example of how the SSI team is constantly working to identify case-by-case suspension solutions for trucks, RVs, trailers and more.

SSI president, Adam Weisner, said: “We’re excited to bring this spacer to the market to complement our extremely popular Rebel SumoSprings kit. We’ve seen more and more people moving away from old-school style suspension like airbags that require lines and compressors, to innovative new solutions like the patented Rebel SumoSprings. These USA-made kits help lifted truck customers get the support they need when loading up or towing, while leaving the factory ride quality intact – all with zero maintenance and a lifetime warranty.”

Meanwhile, SSI’s CEO and chief engineer Gerry Lamberti added: “For the half and three-quarter ton truck markets, the Rebel is an excellent solution and until now we haven’t had a good way to make it available to lifted truck owners. This new spacer makes it possible for just about everyone with a truck out there to our fit it and forget it airbag alternative.”